Hi, I recently found that keypad tones from android devices can act as a perfect phone phreaking blue box.

In Simple Terms: Feed in Equivalent Calling tones to the Mic of the Land Line from Android, this will allow you to call the number for whom the tones are generated for

However, for some devices like Samsung and others, may not generate the same tones. However, for those devices, we can simply install ToneDef Application from Google Playstore for free. Using this app or the android dialer pad itself may allow phreaking on telephone land lines.

So many of you guys might have seen a old style phone lock that hides the entire keypad from a landline phone. Now, you don’t have to bother about that at all. We can simply use an android app to bypass Keypad locks and in most cases with the ToneDef app we can simply bypass Pay-Phones as well.

Have a Look at a simple demonstration using android at:


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