Hey Folks, Check out my Simplest Script for Finding the Wordpress Version in Metasploit.

This module is intended only to show that how we can code a metasploit module. however, tons of tools out there may work 100 times better than this script.

This Module Requires you to set RHOSTS to the Server IP and username of the website as USER.

Suppose, a website is running wordpress, ping the website and grab the IP, open the website and browse to find the username at /wp-includes/admin-bar.php or /wp-includes/user.php file by copying the username from the path which might look similar to /home/nipun/www/. in this case nipun is the username.

Now, set both of the parameters, which are RHOSTS and USER. Now, run the script. You should be able to find the Version of Wordpress running.

Script URL :- Download From Github

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