Hey Guys, Metasploit has got a tons of functions and to master each and everything can be really difficult. you may be familiar with commands such as- set, use, show, exploit, etc and variables such as payload,exploit etc.

but metasploit is much more than that. i am going to list 4 great commands and variables that can be really helpful while you are performing penetration testing with Metasploit.

  1. ConsoleLogging:- Supply the command as,

    msf>set ConsoleLogging true

will turn on the logging feature of metasploit. so you will get the entire list of commands you have typed in.

Directory for Log Storage: ~/.msf4/logs

  1. SessionLogging:- Supply the command as,

    msf>set SessionLogging true

this command will help you log the information from the sessions we have gained on the target system through sucessful exploitation

Directory for Log Storage: ~/.msf4/logs/sessions/

  1. Info:- Supply the command as,

    msf> info exploit/windows/smb/ms08_067_netapi

this command will help you fin information related to a module in metasploit.

  1. Advanced:- Supply the command as,

    msf(ms08_067_netapi)> show advanced

this command will show us with all the advanced options that can be set for a particular module in metasploit.